Wen to Wen FAQ

Why is it called that?
London = The Great Wen, Hastings = Little Wen.
Though Hastings Borough Council doesn't advertise it as such.

When is it?
The date will be posted here and here.
In the past we've left between 8-9am.

Is it rain or shine?
No. A determination will be made close to the date to judge if it's fit for purpose.

What's the route like?
See for yourself (may vary slightly)
You'll need to be comfortable with city riding, as we're starting in the thick of it.
There are a number of hills in the way.

What's the pace?
We've got a lot of ground to cover,
but I aim for reasonably sociable, with time for rubbernecking.*
Fingers crossed for 10 hours.

If we split into tiers, I'll be in the slower one.

*Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs, Down House, Chartwell, Penshurst Place,
Kipling's pad, and a pyramid. And some rother nice views.

What kind of bike should I take?
Gears might not be a bad idea.
There's a short offroad stretch we may do at the end which skinny tyres can manage.

How organised is it?
I try to keep track of everybody...
Waymarkers and backmarkers are me and any volunteers. We haven't lost anybody yet.
Well, not forever.

Can I bail out?
Of course. Ride as much of the route as you wish.
A lot of it isn't too far from a train, and Hastings line personnel are,
in my experience, benign on the subject of cyclists.

You'll need to be self-sufficient.
Having said that, cyclists on group rides tend to help each other out.

How many are going?
Anybody's guess! So far we've had from 3 to 18.

Derek/Steve's April 2016 ride report
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StuAff's & others
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